Diversity In The Community

Anthem, Inc. is on a continuous journey to becoming a more culturally-competent organization, through thoughtful, inclusive practices. Our vision to be America’s valued health partner demands that we understand the diverse health challenges and needs of our customers and members.

The recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Public Insurance Exchanges has also provided new and dynamic opportunities for Anthem, Inc. to help traditionally underserved groups.

Every day, we work to develop solutions that meet the needs of our ever-growing consumer base. To succeed, we must strive to understand customers’ cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values, and experiences; and how these impact their attitudes and decisions about health benefits.

At the same time, we work on programs to help reduce racial, ethnic, and other disparities in the health care system, which affect all Americans. Through these efforts, we are better equipped to deliver programs, products and services that address inequalities, and better serve the needs of our diverse consumers. Learn more about our multicultural health care programs

Community Partnerships

Through the Anthem Foundation, our associates have the opportunity make a real difference in people’s lives by donating their time and resources to several philanthropic organizations that our company supports through grants and donations.

In addition, Anthem, Inc. supports and participates in numerous partnerships with organizations that are catalysts for change in the diversity space. These partnerships include:

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